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Progeny Of The Technovore


PES0.1’s second full-length for DWA (if we exclude the experimental metal mini-albums “Eternal Masters 1 + 2”) is nothing less than a 12 track extravaganza of full-on hammering electro-industrial aimed foursquare at dancefloor demolition.

As publicly hinted at on social media in the run-up to this announcement, for “Progeny Of The Technovore” songwriter George Klontzas wanted to incorporate a style intrinsically connected in its origins to EBM yet seldom rewired into it: Goa Trance.

The results speak for themselves: “Progeny Of The Technovore” is simply relentless and irresistible, futuristic and in your face. PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 has never sounded more up-tempo and oozing energy from every pore.

Mixed and mastered as ever by legendary dark-electro engineer Dimitris N Douvras (CYGNOSIC, SIVA SIX, IAMBIA) at his Lunatech Sounds Studio facility in Greece, and with sepia-toned sleeve artwork from Vlad McNeally, “Progeny Of The Technovore” comes out late October both digitally and in limited edition gatefold digipak with lyric booklet.